Dyspraxia writing aids for preschoolers

About Dyspraxia

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Writing Aids

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Mar 06,  · Many children have trouble reading, writing, or performing other learning-related tasks at some point. This does not mean they have learning disabilities. A child with a learning disability often has several related signs, and they don’t go away or get better over time.

Dyspraxia is a general term used to cover a range of difficulties with movements. While many children with autism spectrum disorders show well-developed motor coordination and dexterity, there are numerous others with significant difficulties in movement and motor planning.

Communication aids and drawing, writing, or communication aids.


These alternatives may help the stroke survivor to communicate more easily and may be used alongside ongoing therapy to help them to recover. Communication aids and computer-based therapy after stroke.

Dyspraxia Resources

Pens, Pencils and Writing Aids A variety of pens, pencils and other writing aids specially designed to assist children and adults who find it difficult or tiring to write neatly.

Including the popular Yoropen and PenAgain ranges, and a wide selection of grips. Dyspraxia is a common disorder, with many children recognised as suffering from some form of dyspraxia. Therefore, at TTS we want to provide you with the dyspraxia resources you need, to help your students improve their motor coordination and handwriting skills in a fun and exciting way.

Suitable for a wide age range, browse our selection today. study skills, e.g., writing essays, reading for comprehension, note-taking, etc. For a white- developmental dyslexia in children and acquired dyslexia in adults.

It is extremely rare for Dyslexia and dyspraxia in adulthood: information for doctors and therapists.

Strategies for Dealing with Dysgraphia Dyspraxia writing aids for preschoolers
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Dyspraxia: Causes, symptoms, and treatments