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Award Amount: $ The Women in Science Environmental Scholarship is available to female high school or college students, with preference given to those who are choosing to pursue a science degree. You must demonstrate financial need, and submit a one-page essay that demonstrates an idea you have for helping improve the environment, either.

Forestry studies, Engineering technology, Environmental resource management, Exercise science, Industrial technology schools, Kinesiology, LEED training or certification, Mechanic schools, Mechanical drafting, Machine technologies, Natural resources / MFMA scholarship application Essay.

Environmental and Sustainability Studies Program Scholarships. Scholarship applications will be available January 1, Submissions will be due by March 1, 15 Best New York Scholarships Accumulating enough wealth to afford your collegiate reign in the “Empire State” is possible when you’re crowned the winner of New York scholarships.

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Nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and the Great Lakes, New York is America’s fourth most populous state with million residents. Arborjet is giving you a chance to join “Taking Root Scholarship Program” that is administrated by Scholarship America.

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The scholarship is open to students looking to pursue full-time studies in forestry, plant sciences, horticulture, entomology, environmental. Essays will be judged based on depth of knowledge and awareness of the issue and/or challenge addressed, as well as creativity, composition and originality.

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